Harvester Info

The Eco- Harvester is your aquatic weed solution!

Whether it's pulling, cutting, or skimming; lake weeds don't have a chance with the Eco-harvester! Its shallow water abilities can reach weeds that other weed harvesters can't get to. The specially designed intake system is highly effective at weed pulling and extraction. Floating weed mats don't stand a chance either with the Eco- harvester as it easily skims surface debris and pulls it up into the bunk which holds a generous 4 cubic yards of weeds. When it's full just head for the shore where our patented rotational conveyor technology will self-unload the weeds into a truck, trailer or onto shore.


Easily transportable with our customized Karavan trailers this becomes a one person operation from start to finish. Unlike a traditional propeller our dual paddle wheel system won't get tangled in the weeds but still offers optimum maneuverability in the water.


We build our harvesters out of internationally available components. This means that repair and replacement parts are easily obtainable. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality parts and materials in every harvester!
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